Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Girl Scouts!

Last week we had been asked to bring Disco and Texas to the girl scouts camp on Saturday (April 2) to give a 3 hour lesson to about 250 girls! We got there a little early to make sure the horses were going to be fine around all the cars, tents, tables, and everything. They were as calm as could be and really liked their grass! With the first group of girls, I talked to them for about half of our time, they mostly had questions about how to teach your horse to do something, so with that group we showed all the girls how to lead, back up, and kiss your horse! Disco also laid down for each group and everyone got to come and rub on him. When the second group came we spent the whole time teaching the about safety, horse care, hoof care, mustangs, training, and about any other questions they had. For the third group both the horses were pretty much asleep so they really didn't care what I did with them! When we gave the horses their feed all the girls laughed at how Disco was eating compared to Texas, Disco was flipping his bucket around and pawing at it until at was all on the ground and he finally stopped, and Texas was just standing next to him with his eyes closed taking little bites and eating over his bucket! :'D
all of the girl scouts wanted to load the horses up into the trailer when it was time to go, so we had to improvise and let two girls load up Texas and had three load Disco. It took awhile to get out of there because there were still girls in the trailer grooming them and others standing around the back looking at them. When we finally were driving off all the girls were yelling "Bye Disco, bye Texas!" and you could just tell Disco was happy that everyone knew his name!

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