Wednesday, March 16, 2016


March 1st was Discos 3rd birthday! We stopped at a store on the way to the ranch and bought him a big carrot cake with some long carrots to use as candles! We got there and I groomed him for awhile then we brought out the cake, he was so funny picking through it! He'd grab a carrot off the top, drop it and start smacking his lips, then go down and eat it. When he got to the frosting he just flipped it all off to the side with his lip and sorta ate some of the cake before I gave the rest to archer. After that I just did a few tricks and rode him bareback the rest of the time. He's so comfortable to ride bareback now! When I first got him he was just skinny so it always felt like a was riding a toothpick, but now he just has the smoothest gates, he likes to sometimes prance when he is trotting but even when he does he back is just as smooth as ever! He is also very fun to run, I guess since he's a mustang he likes to save his energy, but when I ride him out on the trail he doesn't ever (knock on wood) zig zag around, he'll just follow a trail or go in a straight line. I am totally in love with this little Mustang!!!
 I'll post some pictures soon!
March 5th was my dads birthday! We started the day with presents then my dad wanted to take a nap because him and my mom went surfing really early, we told him ok and not to sleep too long because we still all wanted to go to the beach together. Well........ he took a pretty long nap so we had to rush to the beach, caught about 4 waves then me, my mom, and brother all went to the beach and stood there waiting for my dad to come in also, he came in and didn't know why we were leaving and was kinda sad. But we all went home and got ready to go to the ranch as fast as we could. (we left at 1:00 and had a surprise party planned at the ranch for 2:00 and we still had to go buy the cake!) Luckily it was 2:00 when we got their so we weren't late! My dad was kinda upset that we left the beach but slowly people started showing up and he figured it out and was excited :D It was a really fun day, when my dad wend to take a picture with his birthday cake, he held it up and Comanche came and stuck his nose in to have a big piece! Ranger also got to enjoy a ton of cake and by the end of the day, the horses all had blue lips!