Tuesday, January 12, 2016

BLM Adoption

Last Friday we took Disco to the BLM Adoption in Mercedes. We had been planning to go for a few weeks and were getting all our stuff ready until it was finally time! We loaded Disco up around 9:00 and got to the RGV Arena at 10:30. We wanted to be early so we could set up out table and warm up Disco before everyone got there... But there was already a line! I was surprised how many people were there, because last year there were hardly any! Disco made a lot of human friends but in the beginning not many mustangs liked him.... When he would go up to the fences the mustangs would just stay on the other side and look away. then finally some go loaded into a trailer and he went to say hay... Then the other mustang bit him in the nose! Poor Disco was so sad :'C But after awhile he made friends with some of them and was just as happy as could be! :D He was super good about letting little kids come up and rub on him, and since we were there for like 8 hours I laid on him bareback a lot! We talked to a lot of people and he did have a few who wanted to adopt him also. :) Since this last one was so fun, we are taking him to the one in Robstown TX on March 4th at the R.M. Borchard Regional Fairgrounds!