Saturday, November 7, 2015

Riding Progress!


Sorry for taking so long to update.

Me and Disco haven't been together as much as we were during training for Fort Worth, but he hasn't forgotten a thing! He's always the first one to run up to the truck when we pull into the ranch and he'll follow us around anywhere we go and whinny at us to get our attention. I love him SO much! It has rained a lot and the surf has been good, so we haven't really ridden that much, but we have still made lots of progress!

Since the first beach ride, I rode him in the roundpen for two days, then went into the arena one day, then the next ride was on my birthday so we went out the back gate and on a 4:30 hour trail ride together! During the trail ride, he never spooked or even looked at anything! (we did only walk-trot since t was his first time even out of the arena) He is just as respectful under saddle as he is on the ground, he hasn't bucked, kicked out, run off, bite my foot/leg, or anything! (knock on wood) But with 4 intense months of training he was plenty ready! For the first few days I would still start him off in the round pen and would wear my helmet, but after the trail ride he proved himself and I haven't done either since! I have ridden him in the arena, out on the ranch, and on the beach some more!
   I am also hoping to take Disco to the Los Fresnos PRCA Rodeo in February and set up a stand to promote the mustangs!

  PS - Good luck Gia with getting your first horse!