Monday, April 27, 2015


Acceptance Letter

We received the acceptance letter from the Mustang Heritage Foundation on April 15, which gives us only two weeks to prepare for the adoption of our newest member of the family!

We just finished building a new mustang corral to BLM specifications - (6' reinforced fence, two-sided shelter, 50'x20', ) and included a nice shade tree in the run for the hot Texas summer, along with a small bench seat for Melia to have some quality time with her mustang.

The pickup date is Friday May 1 in Paul's Valley Oklahoma at the BLM facility, approximately 750 miles north of us here at South Padre Island.

Building the fence
We are leaving a couple days early to stop at Downunder Horsemanship in Stephenville Texas, where Melia will be taking a private lesson with Certified Clinician Jeff Davis. He will be helping her with groundwork, round-penning, and other colt starting techniques.

Building the loafing shed

The finished mustang corral.