Monday, July 20, 2015

Day 63-81

We have been spending most of our time with Disco practicing our freestyle routine and all of the elements in it. He is doing really good and we are mostly refining it all now. But we have gotten to do some other stuff in the past few days. The first day my parents took him to tick spray and the vet, the next we went to Wink's, and the next we took him to my friends ranch that they just bought. So he has had a lot of traveling already! We took Disco to Wink's a little early so we could do some work in the arena before the ropers got there. He watched the cows for a long time but never spooked once at anything! I backed him into narrow pins, banged in banners and anything loud I could find, had him stand by the chute while they were letting the cows out and the ropers would run after them, did all my ground work all over the place, and did pretty much everything I could think of! We both had a lot of fun there. :) I also figured out something that Disco likes to do.... climb stairs. :D

Friday, July 3, 2015

Day 50-62 - HAPPY 4TH OF JULY!

Sorry for waiting so long to post anything, but we are teaching Disco a lot of stuff that will be in our freestyle that is "Top Secret" we are changing gears now from teaching Disco all of his foundation work to focusing on the event. ;) I did try posting the other day, but when I was just about done the computer started being weird and wouldn't let me type, so when I tried to fix it the whole thing got erased... D: Disco has now completed Colt Starting, Fundamentals, Intermediate, and Advanced! He learns everything really fast, its just like on his first try he is sorta like um... what do you want me to do? Then on the next try he does it really good! It has been raining A LOT so Disco is getting a couple days off. (we will probably start back with him on Monday) My dad went to trim the horses feet yesterday and saw the least expected thing ever... DISCO WAS LOOSE!!! He was grazing next to the other horses in the pasture, so my dad walked over to them and checked all the horses to make sure they were ok. They were all fine! Disco had a couple bite and kick marks on him but nothing really bad. Then my dad went back to Discos pasture and saw that he had knocked down 4 boards on the arena fence! Guess he decided that he had enough of being alone and was ready to be free again. :) My dad stayed with the horses for a pretty long time, watching them and seeing where everyone was in the pecking order and making sure that all the horses were going to be fine. Texas is still alpha, then Lucky, then Comanche, then Starbuck, then Disco. So the order is still the same but now with Disco at the bottom. So Disco now gets to stay out at pasture with the rest of the boys and can run around the whole ranch now instead of just his pasture and the arena.


Moooove your feet Melia!!!

Archer leading Disco!

 Texas learning to lay down on "bang" cue!