Thursday, February 18, 2016

Allison and Chico

We went to visit my grandparents on February 3rd and on the 6th I got to go see Allison and Chico at their ranch in Jackson Missouri! It was super cool! When we got there she showed me around her house, and of course there were Chico's ribbons and costume in her room! ;P 
We didn't waste any time going to halter up Chico and take him over to her arena. She showed me a bunch of her liberty work with him and even let me and my mom try some with him! 
(he's getting real good at the liberty spin!)

After working with Chico we went to saddle up the other horses. 
(she borrowed her friends horse so we could both ride) 
We started out our ride with a lot of circling and bending around one of the pastures to get both horses soft, then went and rode around the back pastures and just ran all over the place casing each others tails! It was way the best time I ever had riding with a friend!
I don't think we ever stopped talking the whole time I was there!

Her dog was just like a huge version of our dog Archer!